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Australian LED Lighting Solutions - World of Thought Pty Ltd


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LED Lighting Systems From Australia

Whether you are looking for cost-efficient alternatives to traditional lighting or thinking of ways to add an artistic flair to your home or place of work, LED lighting systems offer a broad spectrum – literally and figuratively – of creative and practical lighting solutions. 

World of Thought specializes in LED lighting systems and LED strip mounting profiles, offering customers both residential and commercial lighting solutions.  As Australian’s are well aware, electricity prices have been going up and up over the past few years, and as a result, our customers are turning away from halogen and incandescent lighting, both of which are energy-intensive, and looking for greener and cleaner lighting, at home and at the office.  LED lighting also has a significant advantage over traditional systems due to the fact that many LED systems require only 12 volt circuits (as opposed to the 240 volt systems currently in place), therefore home lighting can be done as a DIY project (where a plug-in power supply can be used). 

Our Online Lighting Products

With a wide range of products available, customers are increasingly looking at LED lighting as a creative and artistic addition to their home décor.  12 volt LED strip lights can be installed anywhere in the home, and these systems are frequently supplemented by LED outdoor strip lighting.  Australia now has more options than ever before, as consumers may also choose nearly any colour of the (visible) spectrum, and with special systems in place there are many options for adding designs and special effects, frequently used for businesses that want to get noticed.

We also provide accessories and installation equipment for 12 volt LED strip lighting and other product variations, as well as a highly knowledgeable team of experts who offer recommendations for your project, from concept to installation.  The World of Thought aims to shed light on the many possibilities made available through LED lighting, and we hope the next time a bright idea comes to mind, you’ll see one of our LEDs above your head.