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world of thoughts


Princess_1.jpg Red LED Flexible Strip Lighting was used to illuminate hazardous walkways on the upper balcony of the Princess Theatre Melbourne. It was decided that this would be the most cost effective solution to provide a safe passage for patrons.
Princess_2.jpg The LED Flexible Strip was custom made in a 24 Volt Version with half the number of LEDS as our standard Flexible Strip. This allowed the long lengths that were required to be powered from one end of the strip light.

The system was integrated into the existing houselight dimming system to allow for intensity control during shows. It was interfaced to a DynaLight Architectural dimming system via a DMX LED Controller. The LED Flexible Strip was then able to be set at a particular level for Intervals and at a lower level while performances were in progress. This dimming control was imperative as the intensity of the strip without dimming was too bright if operated at full intensity.


The system was seen to be a long term cost effective solution, both for power consumption & maintenance costs.

World Of Thought can customize many LED solutions tailored to your requirements. We have over 20 years experience in custom LED solutions and integration.